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1951 - Bessie M. Burrell opened a children’s daycare center in her home on Peachtree Circle South. After years of growth Ms. Burrell relocated the business to 4162 Spring Park Circle in 1960 where it formally became Burrell’s Childcare Center. 

1969 - Mrs. Burrell purchased land at 3111 Tiger Hole Rd, which would later become Burrell’s Camp Chippewa in 1971. We are extremely proud that over the years, we have watched campers grow into young adults and later return to Burrell’s Camp Chippewa as counselors; some of whom have gone on to become parents themselves and send their own children to Camp Chippewa.

1988 - Mrs. Burrell retired and her son, George T. Burrell Jr. took over the family business.

1998 - Our campground grew again, with the purchase of an extra two and a half acres of land, doubling the size of our property and giving us more space for our campers to have fun and learn.

2016 - After 47 years of service, Mr. George decided it was time to retire. Our long-standing Directors, James and Kelly Watts, took over the daily operation and ownership of Camp Chippewa.

2017 – With the blessing of Mr. George, Burrell’s Camp Chippewa launches a new company logo and will now be known as Camp Chippewa.

2019 - Our property expanded by an additional acre and a quarter to just under 9 acres. 

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